I am an independent User Experience consultant. I help my clients make their products more successful by enabling their end-user experience to be more effective, more intuitive, and more satisfying. I specialize in UX Architecture, Interaction Design and User Research. Recent consulting clients include Slideshare, Hearsay Labs, Asana, SurveyMonkey, Zestcash and Internmatch. As well as providing a range of UX services, I also dabble in engineering. When I’m not consulting, I’m a UX Advisor at the 500 Startups tech accelerator.

I received my PhD in 2004 from Imperial College London in the field of Human Computer Interaction. My research explored the problems people encounter when trying to stay on top of all the personal information they amass on their personal computing devices, such as documents, email, bookmarks, contacts and so on. Based on my research, I developed a tool called WorkspaceMirror which synchronized folder hierarchies across a user’s file, email and bookmark collections. Some of my evaluators – those who liked to organize their stuff – found it quite helpful.

After my PhD, I worked at Google for 5 years in the User Experience team. There I was lead User Experience Researcher onĀ  Google Adwords and Google Chrome, both conducting research and managing other researchers. Google is a busy place and I also worked on Google Toolbar, Google Pack, Adwords Editor, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Accessibility, Google Search, GMail, Maps, Froogle, Mobile, Google Accounts, Google Desktop, and a bunch of stuff which doesn’t exist any more.

Further back, I received a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering from Imperial College London (1995), and then spent 3 years as software engineer at a Swiss investment bank. Before that I designed and built my own transputer-based computer at Inmos. Hence I know my awk from my sed. I continue to keep my hands dirty in the coding trenches, and take pride in being a UX practitioner who understands engineering speak.

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