One of my pet peeves are buried calls to action. Thats when you can’t find the button – or other affordance – which allows you to proceed with an interaction flow. Here’s a new take – prominent inactive call to action. Hidden “real” call to action.

Question: how do you proceed with this purchase of a themeforest wordpress theme? Clue: no clue required, its obvious, innit?

I don't want you to buy this


Answer: Nope. You do not click the “Purchase” button. You in fact have to read the small print outside the boxed area, and signup or signin on the site before purchasing.┬áTo make matters worse, if you haven’t signed in or signed up, clicking the button results in …. nothing. No feedback is given as to what the user needs to do (thats another UX classic UX guideline).

This is obviously below par – there’s no reason why account sign-up couldn’t be part of the purchase flow. Calls to action should be prominent and act as the call to action. I’m sure they must lose a number of purchasers with lower than average technical sophistication here.